At AnandTech we continue to stress the importance of a good display.  Over the years we have been constantly dabbling with LCD monitors but never fully diving into them.  Today we bring to you the first full blown LCD monitor review on AnandTech.

A question that looms over many shoppers today is LCD vs CRT.  The arguments go both ways, even though traditionally, gamers and home users have stuck by their CRTs, while professionals and other working environments have been more accepting of the LCD’s.  For those of you who are new to this debate, we have provided a little bit of information for both sides in this article.

A few months ago we analyzed a solid performing “low end” Samsung 955DF, this week we pick apart the high performance 19” LCD Samsung 191T.

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  • Anonymous User - Monday, October 27, 2003 - link

    Good review but reviewer doesn't seem to realize that power consumption and heat dissipation are one and the same (ie every Watt that goes into the monitor is converted to one Watt of heat).

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