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Your monitor is more than just a plastic box of tubes, wiring and chemical gases. Your monitor is your portal to the virtual world. No other interface between you and your computer is as personal as the one between you and your monitor. That being said, what do YOU have in front of your eyes?

A lot of monitors will suffice for just entering data into spreadsheets, or surfing the web. But, when its 3:30 AM after 4 hours of Medal of Honor and you need to snipe the loudmouthed kid from Texas halfway across a German encampment, will your 15 inch, glary, distorted monitor cut it? Can your monitor handle multiple windows open while you edit that all important spreadsheet you need to finish for tommorow? Enter (also known as Cornerstone Peripherals Technology). A small monitor simply will not cut it when you need to have an edge, in the business world, and the consumer world, and this company knows that.

For our second monitor review ever, and first monitor to appear in the monitors section, we have been so grateful as to receive a Cornerstone c1035. To establish a certain standard for our monitor reviews, each monitor we receive will be put though a thorough AnandTech examination that will explore the monitor, discuss its features and, most importantly, evaluate its image quality using both objective and subjective tests (as established in our review of the Samsung SyncMaster 955DF two months ago.

So here it is a high performance 21” monitor that really gives you a bang for its buck, the Cornerstone c1035.

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