Even though CES doesn't officially start until Tuesday, things are already kicking off in Las Vegas. The Storage Visions 2013 conference runs through Monday, and meanwhile a number of other companies are hosting their press conferences before the event even begins in order to garner some attention before the show (and the flow of news out of the show) becomes too hectic.

The first of these major press conferences will be NVIDIA, whose conference is being held at the Palms tonight at 8pm Pacific Standard Time. The event will have a live webcast so that everyone at home (myself included) can catch NVIDIA's consumer electronics announcements at the same time as the on-site press.

We haven't been briefed on the contents of the conference ahead of time, but NVIDIA's past CES press conferences have been heavily focused on consumer electronics. This means Tegra, cellular basebands, and automobile integration are all likely. CES 2011 also saw the public announcement of NVIDIA's project Denver - what's now widely assumed to be an ARMv8 based CPU for servers - so even though it's not strictly a consumer electronics item we may see an update there. Any GeForce/Quadro/Tesla news is unlikely due to the timing of CES amid NVIDIA's product cycle and the fact that NVIDIA has preferred to host their own events in the past couple of years, but we may see a recap of Kepler's first calendar year.

Press conference live webcast starts at 8pm PST

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  • jjj - Sunday, January 6, 2013 - link

    What you are saying there about Denver might be misleading.
    Denver is a custom core and they'll most likely put it in whatever they can, main volume being Tegra.. For servers , as far as i know, they only confirmed that they'll use it in Tesla products but they gave no details on how exactly will that work and it seems like they won't aim for anything besides HPC in server.
    Also not sure they won't have some GPU news ,AMD jumped the gun with it's new notebook line so ,even if it makes no sense, they might have something.

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