iiYama VisionMaster PRO 510

by Jason Clark on December 7, 1999 10:41 PM EST
Recently, we took a look at iiyama's VisionMaster Pro 450. Well, if that monitor was not large enough for you, read on as we take a look at the 22" model of this line. Like the Pro 450, the Pro 510 also uses Mitsubishi's DiamondTronTM CRT. The result is breathtaking clarity, and precision of anything that is displayed on the CRT.

It seems just a short while ago, owning a monitor larger than 19" was unheard of, unless you had won the lottery. Yet, 19" is still the main focus right now because of its price. But the price of this 22" model is not too far off the 19" monitors. It can be purchased for as low as $999 USD. This monitor has the quality to suit just about anyone's needs (i.e. Graphic Artist, Programmer, Gamer). The price point on this monitor is fantastic, while similar models of the same specifications from other companies range from $200-$300 more. For example: ViewSonic P817 at an average price of $1250.

iiyama has been around for over 20 years. They are the US subsidiary of iiYama Electric Corporation, Ltd. of Nagano, Japan. The company's track record is very good. They are recognized as a quality monitor manufacturer. So not to fear - you are not sinking your money into a company that has no idea on how to construct decent monitors.

Testing Hardware

Windows 98SE
Matrox G400 MAX (courtesy: Matrox)
AMD Athlon 600Mhz
256MB Ram

Video Connection: BNC


Model # A201HT
Street Price (Avg) $999
CRT 22" Diamondtron NF(TM) True Flat CRT
Aperture Grill Pitch: 0.25mm
Anti-static, Anti-reflection coating
Viewable Area: 20" (51cm)
Sync Frequency Horizontal: 30.0-130.0kHz, Vertical: 50-160Hz
Video Bandwidth 360Mhz dot clock
Max Resolution 2048X1536 (Non-interlaced)
Plug and Play VESA DDC2B(TM)
Input Connector D-SUB mini 15pin, BNC
Power Source 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 165W maximum in normal use
Dimension 493 X 490 X 482mm / 19.4 X 19.3 X 19.0" (W X H X D), 33kg / 73lbs
Approval TCO '99, CE, TÜV-GS/MPR II/ISO 9241-3/ISO 9241-7/ISO 9241-8, PTB, FCC-B, UL/C-UL, DHHS
Controls & Tests
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