Silverstone more known for their cases or power supplies has shown us a very interesting mouse with special features. The large blue illuminated wheel operated by the thumb will take you (if operating Windows Vista) directly to the 3D scroll option. Especially designed for Gamers this mouse comes with software to safe different user preferences like resolutions which are then displayed on top of the mouse. The best feature is the possibility of having different resolutions on the X and Y axis. The applications are endless to which this feature could benefit. Imagine you are sitting in a tank in Battlefield 2 and you could scroll faster in the horizontal axis to turn the main gun but at the same time having a smaller resolution for the vertical axis to still be able to aim correctly.
We’ve seen many manufacturers jumping on the ESA-train which means basically when the user want to have this feature he needs to buy that product separately or together with a complete system. Silverstone showed us the Commander ESA Edition which is bringing the user this feature without buying a case or power supply with it. You simply connect all the fans and necessary peripherals and off you go with your new function of controlling your PC in an easier way.

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