NVIDIA has quietly launched its RTX 5880 Ada Generation graphics card that is designed for professional graphics applications. The product is designed to be compliant with the latest U.S. export regulations for China and can be shipped to the People's Republic without restrictions. Meanwhile, it is set to be available globally and sit between the expensive flagship RTX 6000 Ada Generation and considerably less capable RTX 5000 Ada Generation. But there is a major catch about this product.

NVIDIA's RTX 5880 Ada Generation is based on the company's flagship AD102 graphics processor with 14,080 CUDA cores, 110 RT cores, 440 tensor cores, and a 384-bit memory interface to connect 48 GB of GDDR6 memory with ECC. The board comes with four DisplayPort 1.4a connectors and can support either four 4K monitors at 120 Hz, four 5K displays at 60 Hz, or two 8K monitors at 60 Hz. As for power consumption and heat dissipation, it is rated at 285W (with power delivered using one 12VHPWR connector) and comes with a standard dual-slot cooling system with a blower.

As the model number suggests, NVIDIA's RTX 5880 Ada Generation 48 GB should be close to the range-topping RTX 6000 Ada 48 GB. Unfortunately, this is not the case and this is a major catch about the RTX 5880 Ada. From performance point of view, NVIDIA's RTX 5880 Ada offers 69.3 FP32 TFLOPS and 554 FP8 TFLOPS, which is closer to the RTX 5800 Ada 32 GB (65.3 FP32 TFLOPS and 522.1 FP8 TFLOPS) rather than to the RTX 6000 Ada 48 GB (91.1 FP32 TFLOPS and 729 FP8 TFLOPS).

NVIDIA's RTX 6000 Ada has a rather whopping FP8 Total Processing Performance (TPP) score of 5,828 (listed processing power multiplied by the length of operation), which is way higher than 4800 points that the U.S. Department of Commerce wants Chinese entities to get. So, the RTX 5880 Ada has a TPP score of 4432, which comfortably fits within the export requirements of the U.S. government.

But this also means that the RTX 5880 Ada is significantly slower than the RTX 6000 Ada, despite the model number. Truth to be told, the RTX 5880 Ada looks more like an RTX 5000 Ada on steroids rather than a slightly downgraded RTX 6000 Ada.

NVIDIA's Ada Generation High-End Professional Graphics Cards
  RTX 6000 Ada RTX 5880 Ada RTX 5000 Ada
Memory 48 GB GDDR6 with ECC 32 GB GDDR6 ECC
CUDA Cores 18,176 14,080 12,800
Tensor Cores 568 440 400
RT Cores 142 110 100
FP32 Performance 91.1 TFLOPS 69.3 TFLOPS 65.3 TFLOPS
RT Performance 210.6 TFLOPS 160.2 TFLOPS 151 TFLOPS
Tensor Performance 729 TFLOPS 554 TFLOPS 522.1 TFLOPS
TPP 5828 4432 4176
Encode/Decode 3 x encode, 3 x decode (+AV1 encode and decode)
Display Connectors 4 x DisplayPort 1.4a
Power 300W 285W 250W
MSRP $6999 ? $4000

What remains to be seen is the price of the RTX 5880 Ada. NVIDIA's RTX 5000 Ada has a list price of $4,000, whereas the RTX 6000 Ada has an MSRP of $6,999. It is logical to expect the RTX 5880 Ada to cost closer to the RTX 5000, but not just slightly higher, because after all it has a rather capable 48 GB memory subsystem.

Sources: NVIDIA, RTX 5880 Ada datasheet

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  • ballsystemlord - Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - link

    @Anton , The RTX 5880 shouldn't have 14,080 Tensor cores.
  • ballsystemlord - Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - link

    I mean unless there's something about the HW IDK. Likewire with the RTX 5000 which you've put down as 12,800 Tensor cores.
  • scottj - Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - link

    It does, though. Check the datasheet. https://nvdam.widen.net/s/nzwcv2hrtl/proviz-rtx-58...
  • PeachNCream - Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - link

    The China paranoia certainly helps make more China paranoia.
  • ballsystemlord - Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - link

    All the human right abuses in the country doesn't help anything.
  • wr3zzz - Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - link

    Nvidia prices RTX4090D identical to RTX4090 so there is no way RTX5880 will be priced according to its performance. Just the name alone is enough to tell it's going to cost 5880/6000 x $6999 = $6859.
  • Bob Todd - Thursday, January 11, 2024 - link

    Indeed. China can't buy the 6000. They'll (mostly) happily pay 6000 money for the 5880 to gobble up as many GPUs as possible for AI/ML.
  • twtech - Friday, January 19, 2024 - link

    I would not be surprised if this card ends up significantly more expensive than you would think it should be, given the marginal improvement over the 5000 performance wise. This will be the best nVidia card you can buy in China, and as such, they'll be able to charge a premium for it in that market.

    Everybody else - who are allowed to buy it - will probably be better served with the 6000.

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