Akasa is introducing four new products at the 2022 CES - two fan models under the OTTO series, a 185W TDP CPU cooler, and a fanless case for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

The OTTO series consists of IP68-rated fans - imagine applications involving rugged embedded systems requiring active cooling operating in harsh environments. The 120mm fans are ergonomically designed with emphasis on avoiding vibrations. The SC12 model has sickle flow blades for centralized pressure, making it a fit for heavy-duty heatsink and radiator applications. The SF12 model has a S-Flow blade design meant to optimize overall airflow, making it a fit for computing system enclosures.

The Alucia H4 premium CPU cooler is Akasa's solution for the 185W TDP Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 processors. The fans are colored blue to complement any RGB lighting scheme used in the rest of the system. Akasa claims that the black fins and their dense packing helps achieve high cooling efficiency. Akasa is also bundling their high-performance AK-T656-5G thermal paste with the fan.

The heatsink also has a slanted design to allow for wider motherboard compatibility with respect to RAM placement.

On the fanless chassis front, Akasa is introducing an aluminum case for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano under the 'Machina' tag. The 'Machina N' is the first product in this series. The TDP handling requirements and the size of the board have allowed Akasa to adopt a minimalist-styled finned design. The rear I/O cutouts allow full access to all the I/O features of the Jetson Nano board.

The chassis of the Machina N appears to be based on the Newton lineup of fanless cases marketed by Akasa for the Intel NUCs. With the case already having proven its rated TDP-handling credentials over multiple NUC generations, the Machina N is likely to be a credible passive cooling solution for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

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  • abufrejoval - Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - link

    Too bad the Gen11 Tiger Lake NUCs never reached volume production. While I managed to land one (even at a reasonable price), Akasa won't likely produce a matching case now that they have been discontinued.

    And I am a little puzzled about the Jetson Nano: Mine is fully passive from the factory, just like all I've ever seen. It does feature screw-holes in the heatsink and a header to mount a fan should you want to hide it where airflow is compromised. But even at the higher power setting it doesn't seem to need active cooling when out in the open...

    Ok, seems this is a sponsored post, same words and pictures everywhere, but no details even on the Akasa home page: Could you kindly label it as that?
  • Operandi - Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - link

    Akasa markets their NUC and SFF cases at industrial and I get it, they are rugged and passive but I think they are missing part of the market. While they are rugged and passive they are also really classy looking pieces of hardware with brushed and anodized finishes and diamond cut chamfered edges, clearly someone at Akasa cares how these things look. They make very sexy and silent HTPCs cases.

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