12:51PM EST - Today is a day for CES keynotes, and up next is Intel. Here we'll be getting SVP Greg Bryant to talk us through the next generation of hardware launches coming in 2022. We already know that Intel is launching graphics in Q1, but will this be the place to share more details?

12:52PM EST - We're 8 minutes from the start time, stay tuned!

01:00PM EST - Time is just running down to 0, so here we should be going

01:01PM EST - Here's something to start with

01:01PM EST - (part of an intro video)

01:01PM EST - Greg Bryant on stage, no Gelsinger today

01:02PM EST - Digitalization has accelerated

01:02PM EST - All about the superpowers

01:02PM EST - Intel is harnessing them

01:03PM EST - Processing data, making results available everywhere with AI insights

01:03PM EST - Here's what this presentation will have

01:03PM EST - PC, Graphics, Automotive

01:03PM EST - announcements every few minutes

01:04PM EST - PC is an essential tool

01:04PM EST - Unlock potenital

01:04PM EST - Launched 12th Gen Alder Lake in Q4 2021

01:04PM EST - Fastest enthusiast desktop ramp of all time

01:05PM EST - Biggest breakthrough in Intel microarchitecture in a decade

01:05PM EST - 12th Gen KS CPU

01:05PM EST - 5.5 GHz single core turbo out of the box

01:05PM EST - Above 5 GHz multi-core

01:06PM EST - 5.2 GHz all-core turbo

01:06PM EST - Shipping to OEM customers by end of quarter

01:06PM EST - Alder Lake Desktops

01:07PM EST - Performance leadership, expect to keep it through the year

01:08PM EST - Laptop demo time with a Twitch streamer

01:08PM EST - 'I didn't know what I was missing'

01:09PM EST - (No disclosure of Intel sponsorship it's worth noting)

01:10PM EST - designed to work on everything simultaneously without compromise

01:11PM EST - Now content production

01:11PM EST - Moving animations from Maya to Undreal

01:12PM EST - *Unreal

01:13PM EST - Superior laptop performance

01:13PM EST - Working with partners to provide choice

01:13PM EST - 20+ new designs

01:14PM EST - This is just the beginning

01:14PM EST - 100+ new designs through the year

01:14PM EST - Wi-Fi 6E built into every 12th Gen platform (assuming the OEM buys the right RF module)

01:15PM EST - 12th Gen P-series

01:15PM EST - P series is 28 W

01:16PM EST - 28 new SKUs across U, H, P

01:16PM EST - Next Gen Raptor Lake already booting, coming later in 2022

01:16PM EST - Intel Evo gets an update too

01:16PM EST - 3rd Gen of Intel Evo spec

01:17PM EST - Arc discrete graphics, H series CPU 12th Gen

01:18PM EST - That's a reflective screen

01:18PM EST - Evo is evolving

01:18PM EST - '70% of people access internet across multiple devices'

01:18PM EST - ...

01:19PM EST - Intel acquires Screenovate for multi-device multi-screen scaling. Coming to Evo EoY 2022

01:21PM EST - Now for discrete graphics

01:22PM EST - Now shipping Arc GPUs for notebooks to partners

01:22PM EST - More than 50 designs with Arc coming soon

01:22PM EST - Now all we need is details on Arc

01:23PM EST - Now Intel Deep Link

01:23PM EST - Now we're covering yet another CPU/GPU power sharing technology. Third today

01:23PM EST - Video exporting with HyperEncoding

01:24PM EST - Hyperencode splits the encode between the GPUs in the system

01:24PM EST - Davinci Resolve supported

01:25PM EST - Optimizing Arc with game developers

01:26PM EST - Exclusive partnership with Death Stranding

01:26PM EST - XeSS

01:26PM EST - Directors cut enables Intel features

01:26PM EST - Working with 10 leading studios for XeSS

01:27PM EST - Arc coming Q1, but nothing specifically about desktops

01:27PM EST - Now Mobileye

01:28PM EST - We interviewed Prof Shashua, that interview went out today! https://www.anandtech.com/show/17151/an-exclusive-interview-with-mobileye-ceo-prof-amnon-shashua-the-future-of-autonomous-driving

01:28PM EST - First L3 system with Honda launched in 2021

01:28PM EST - Over 100m EyeQ chips sold

01:29PM EST - Mobileye working close with Ford

01:29PM EST - Amnon is live btw

01:30PM EST - CEO of Ford also on camera

01:30PM EST - Mobileye at the center of Ford's AV solution

01:30PM EST - Mobileye does mapping as well as hardware and software

01:31PM EST - Ford and Mobileye working on innovations. It's about trust, but also the open platform to change customers lives

01:34PM EST - Also volkswagen

01:34PM EST - Not only autonomous driving, but also driving assistance

01:35PM EST - Even roads without markings

01:36PM EST - Swarm knowledge requires cloud processing

01:37PM EST - Started 2016 between Mobileye and VW

01:38PM EST - REM = mapping - without map data you can't do lane centering

01:38PM EST - Car would otherwise center itself on the road without knowing it's a two lane

01:38PM EST - Mapping traffic lights with other vehicle lights

01:39PM EST - Why maps are important, this is an example

01:39PM EST - 25m kilometers of data collected every day

01:40PM EST - robotaxis in Paris

01:41PM EST - Tokyo. This is the mapping system detecting pedestrians

01:42PM EST - Supervision with Zeekr

01:42PM EST - 11 surround cameras, 8MP, two EyeQ 5H chips

01:42PM EST - Updated OTA through 2022

01:42PM EST - Tested in Israel, China

01:43PM EST - L4 Zeekr in 2024

01:44PM EST - Just hit 100m EyeQ chips shipped since 2004

01:44PM EST - 3 new Gens of EyeQ

01:45PM EST - 10 x EyeQ 5 equivalent, 5nm, 4 types of accelerators, 256 GF GPU, 176 TOPs DL, 4.2 TF CNN

01:46PM EST - 2025 timeframe, full system for under $1000

01:46PM EST - Sensors cost $3-4k note

01:46PM EST - Intel Vision on May 10th/11th

01:47PM EST - That's a wrap from Intel.

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