10:43AM EST - The second keynote of CES comes from NVIDIA, and while it isn't Jensen presenting today, we do get Jeff Fisher, SVP of GeForce, and Ali Kani, VP and GM of NVIDIA's Automotive efforts. There have been rumors about what might be announced today, but follow along to the presentation with us to get all the details!

10:56AM EST - 3 minutes until go time

11:00AM EST - straight into a one minute countdown

11:01AM EST - 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. go!

11:01AM EST - Gamers first

11:03AM EST - 'RTX is on'

11:03AM EST - Gaming will keep growing

11:03AM EST - eSports is a key driver

11:03AM EST - 74m peak concurrent in LoL world finals

11:04AM EST - virtual worlds with their own economies

11:04AM EST - VR headsets expected to grow 4x in 4 years

11:04AM EST - Build the best platform for gamers and creators

11:05AM EST - GPUs and revolutionary architectures

11:05AM EST - 1.5B GPUs shipped

11:05AM EST - Cloud gaming expect to grow to 100m subscribers by 2024

11:05AM EST - Geforce Now

11:06AM EST - 90 free to play games on GeForce Now

11:06AM EST - BF4 and BF5 available on GFN from today

11:06AM EST - Working with TV manufacturers to bring GFN to smart TVs

11:06AM EST - Starting Q2

11:06AM EST - Also 5G

11:07AM EST - AT&T customers get 6 month GFN Priority membership at no charge

11:07AM EST - Access to latest technology

11:07AM EST - Powered by RTX 3080 superpods

11:07AM EST - 6mo for $99

11:08AM EST - Ray Tracing and AI are defining content

11:08AM EST - 1 billion hours of RTX play time

11:08AM EST - game demo time

11:10AM EST - Rainbow Six Extraction, co-op FPS, announcing will have RTX On with DLSS on Jan 20

11:10AM EST - It's hard to see the differences because the stream is compressed to a super low bit rate

11:11AM EST - Either this game is very brown, or it's a compressed stream

11:13AM EST - NVIDIA Reflex adoption

11:13AM EST - 20m compete with reflex on

11:14AM EST - 7 new Relfex games

11:14AM EST - iRacing, God of War

11:14AM EST - God of War - Launch on PC on Jan 14th

11:15AM EST - New eSports displays

11:15AM EST - Switch to 1080p 25-inch if needed

11:16AM EST - 3% improved aiming at 1440p displays over 1080p

11:16AM EST - +3%

11:16AM EST - reflex analyzer

11:17AM EST - AOC, MSI, ASUS, Viewsonic

11:17AM EST - 50 class GPUs now

11:17AM EST - RTX 3050 announced

11:18AM EST - 3rd gen tensor cores for DLSS

11:18AM EST - 8 GB GDDR3, $249

11:19AM EST - *GDDR6

11:19AM EST - NVIDIA Studio

11:19AM EST - Video omniverse

11:22AM EST - New additions to omniverse

11:23AM EST - Nucleus cloud in early access

11:23AM EST - Jensen's kitchen is now available as an asset

11:24AM EST - AI for NVIDIA Canvas

11:25AM EST - Now RTX Laptops

11:25AM EST - 160+ New laptops starting at $799

11:26AM EST - 4th Gen Max-Q

11:26AM EST - Power sharing between CPU and GPU

11:26AM EST - worked with CPU vendors

11:26AM EST - use GPU to optimize power/thermals of CPUs, to give more power to GPU

11:27AM EST - Rapid core scaling - run some GPU cores at higher frequency while disabling others

11:27AM EST - AI controlled battery

11:27AM EST - RTX 3080 Ti GPU

11:28AM EST - 16 GB GDDR6

11:28AM EST - Faster than RTX Titan

11:28AM EST - RTX 3070 Ti laptops

11:28AM EST - Feb 1st

11:28AM EST - New NVIDIA Studio Laptops

11:29AM EST - Faster than M1 Max

11:29AM EST - Lots of options for creators

11:32AM EST - Video demo time

11:33AM EST - RTX 3090 Ti

11:33AM EST - 40 TFLOPs

11:34AM EST - BFGPU - more details later this month

11:34AM EST - 24 GB of 21 Gbps G6X

11:34AM EST - Now autonomous vehicles

11:35AM EST - data, infrastructure , simulation

11:35AM EST - end-to-end platform

11:35AM EST - Create products that stay true to customer brands (what does that even mean?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

11:36AM EST - Hardware and software must be validated for stringent safety

11:36AM EST - Drive Hyperion 8 Platform specification

11:36AM EST - Adopted by 100s of auto makers (hundreds?)

11:37AM EST - 9 radar, 12 ultrasonics, 1 front radar, 12+ cameras

11:37AM EST - that's $10k of sensors minimum

11:37AM EST - Enabling customers to focus on their own software deployment

11:37AM EST - Standardized form factor

11:37AM EST - allows future platform installations

11:38AM EST - Hyperion 8 partners

11:38AM EST - Production in 2022

11:38AM EST - as early as 2022

11:39AM EST - Bloomberg expected crossover of electric vs combustion in 2034

11:39AM EST - Software defined computing

11:39AM EST - 5 of these companies are Chinese

11:40AM EST - software defined business models

11:40AM EST - sell the hardware, then sell the software subscription

11:40AM EST - 'it's really disruptive'

11:40AM EST - Autonomous trucking

11:41AM EST - Self driving trucks built on Orin

11:42AM EST - UPS, Penske, Navistar already using it

11:43AM EST - Drive Sim replicator for synthetic generation of driving scenes

11:43AM EST - Train models before real world data is collected

11:44AM EST - Starting to see L3 solutions on the market

11:44AM EST - large DC infrastructure required

11:45AM EST - 25000+ GPUs for L5

11:45AM EST - Hyperion customers can be assisted by NVIDIA in infrastructure

11:45AM EST - Chauffer vs Concierge

11:46AM EST - Omniverse avatar with drive

11:47AM EST - A new digital assistant with concierge

11:49AM EST - That's a wrap for NVIDIA. An hour's break, then Intel

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  • Hxx - Tuesday, January 4, 2022 - link

    11:18AM EST - 8 GB GDDR3, $249

    I think you meant to say GDDR6 :)
  • domboy - Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - link

    $250 for a 3050?!? That's just sad considering the 1650's MSRP was around $150 I believe, which was already a price hike compared to it's predecessors (1050, 950, etc). So much for it being a budget GPU; at that price we need a 3040 or 3030 to fill the budget graphics card role. Sigh...
  • AnnonymousCoward - Tuesday, January 25, 2022 - link

    "11:01AM EST - Gamers first"

    Does keeping the price of a 3070 over $1000 put gamers first?
  • jamecorbitt - Thursday, February 3, 2022 - link

    Do you think it's expensive for a new generation video card?
    I do not understand the outrage in the comments from the word at all.

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