When we first heard Daewoo wanted to send us review samples of their new LCD monitors, we were unaware Daewoo manufactured LCD's.  As many people know, The Daewoo Group is a large conglomerate of electronics, automobile, marine, and appliance manufacturers.  So large in fact, we had trouble finding the Daewoo Electronics website listing the two monitors the wanted us to review!

Interestingly enough, the Daewoo Group was Korea's second largest corporation, up until their 1999 bankruptcy, which splinted Daewoo into several independant entities.  At one point in time, Daewoo's debt was larger than the Gross Domestic Product of the Philippines.  Since then, Daewoo has been fighting tooth and nail in order to regain the trust of the world economic market.  The Daewoo of many years ago is hardly the Daewoo Group of today.

Daewoo has taken great lengths to directly compete with their domestic and international rival, Samsung.  Even after Daewoo's purchase of Orion Electronics, which eventually turned into Daewoo Electronics, the Daewoo Group has not been able to keep pace with Samsung's enormous drive for technologic superiority. 

Enter two of Daewoo's newest LCD's; the L520B 15" LCD and the L700C 17” LCD.  Daewoo electronics has unveiled these two LCD's to take home the value oriented LCD title, but are they successful? was kind enough to send us these two Daewoo LCD's to see if Daewoo really can accomplish this endevour.

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