Many people might recognize Albatron as a leading manufacturer of video cards and motherboards, but where did they come from?  Incredibly, even though Albatron was founded in 1984, they did not make a single motherboard or video card until March 2002!  Albatron Technology’s roots actually started making presentation TV’s, Plasma screen and rear projection displays.  In January of 2002 they began to expand their operation into motherboards, video cards, rack mount servers and LCD’s.  Jack Ko, the former Gigabyte co-founder is the leading push behind Albatron’s newfound glory.

Several weeks ago, we reviewed the S-18 by seasoned LCD veteran AG Neovo.  Before that we took a look at another experienced manufacturer or LCD’s, Samsung.  To kick off our third LCD review ever, we are very pleased to take a look at the 17” Albatron L17AT LCD!  We received this product the same day of its announcement press release and we were very eager to start reviewing! 

With Albatron’s expansive knowledge in the world of display industry, we would only expect an innovative and well thought out LCD.  Does their debut LCD display live up to this expectation?  Let us find out in this week’s LCD Review!

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