AG Neovo S-18 18'' LCD

by Kristopher Kubicki on October 2, 2002 12:51 AM EST

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Several weeks ago we brought the first LCD monitor review to AnandTech.  This week we have another high end LCD that pushes the boundary for innovation, but again with a high price tag. 

This week, we are pleased to bring to you the AG Neovo S-18 LCD. Ever since the press release of this monitor was first given to us we had anxiously been awaiting one for review, eager to put the S-18 through the AnandTech monitor tests (which have been updated from our previous monitor reviews to include even more details on the monitor’s image).

This high end LCD has a strong overseas market, but is looking to compete strong in the US as well.  Does Neovo have what it takes to bring solid competition to NEC, Samsung, and Hitachi?  Let us find out in this weeks monitor review!

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