Of the four major motherboard manufacturers, three of them separate their main lines into channel (regular), overclocking and gaming, with one other also having a low power range. ASUS does it a little differently by having the Republic of Gamers line as a combination gaming/overclocking product stack and then the TUF (The Ultimate Force) range which acts as a longer warranty and an engineered product designed for longevity. The newest member of this line is to be the X99 Sabertooth, which ASUS is showcasing at CeBIT. Like some of the Z97 TUF models, such as the Mark S which we reviewed in November, the X99 version gets the front and rear reinforcement plates labelled as the TUF Fortifier as well as slot dust guards to...

ASUS TUF Z97 Mark S Motherboard Review: The Arctic Camo Special Edition

There are many ways to do something different in the motherboard space, especially with respect to functionality and design. In terms of the design element, we have seen many...

45 by Ian Cutress on 11/10/2014

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