08:12AM EST - And we are done :) Thanks for reading!

08:02AM EST - A: It depends on our partners as to where the Windows Phone fits in the ecosystem. We want to help OEMs in picking the parts that hit their price points, especially in the fast growing markets.

08:01AM EST - Q: In Africa a $50 android phone has been released from a reference design. Do you have a target like this?

08:00AM EST - A: The update mentioned will be available for Windows RT and Windows 8.1

08:00AM EST - Q: What is the status of Windows RT?

07:59AM EST - A: We aim to work with developers to reduce their hardware development costs. Of course we like to aim to make them all Windows Phones, but partners will announce phones when they are ready. We are building that ecosystem for Windows Phone.

07:58AM EST - Q: Do you expect many OEMs to offer the same hardware offering both Android versions and Windows Phone?

07:56AM EST - A: We work well with multiple OEMS who have multiple platforms and we look forward to an increasing relationship with Nokia in the future

07:56AM EST - Q: What if Nokia made an Android Phone?

07:55AM EST - Answer from Joe (paraphrased): Our common experience on multiple platforms should help users decided that there is a common interface and user experience across many devices: tablets, smartphones, PCs and consoles. While user investment in apps and a device is important, the Windows ecosystem is designed to tackle all segments and is always improving, such that an update at one end of the system can filter down to everything else.

07:54AM EST - Question from Ian: A lot of individuals are invested into the iPhone and Android ecosystems including money in apps and so forth. What are Microsoft doing to draw people over?

07:50AM EST - "Enabling more partners to build Windows Phone via the QRD"

07:50AM EST - "Windows 8.1 Spring Update, Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone, expanding hardware range for both tablet and phone"

07:49AM EST - Summary then Q&A

07:48AM EST - "One experience across all the devices in our lives"

07:48AM EST - Windows Phone in many devices - including in-car entertainment

07:47AM EST - These companies represent 56% of the world smartphone shipments

07:46AM EST - Also Foxconn

07:46AM EST - Scaling to Lenovo, ZTE, Xolo, Karbonn, LG

07:46AM EST - Windows Phone on HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Huawei

07:45AM EST - Lot of talk about the Qualcomm Reference Design

07:45AM EST - Enabling local partners to build economies on Windows Phone as well as services and app monetisation

07:44AM EST - "Emergence of white-label phones"

07:44AM EST - New operators - partnering with devices as well as local brands

07:43AM EST - http://oem.windowsphone.com/

07:42AM EST - ODMs, OEMs or even retailers

07:42AM EST - New Windows Hardware Partner Portal, to help build Windows Phones

07:42AM EST - Leverageing the Qualcomm Reference Design Programme

07:41AM EST - MS has an offer: any OEM can easily build Windows Phones on Qualcomm reference designs

07:40AM EST - On stage is now Nick Parker, Corporate VP Worldwide OEM

07:39AM EST - Reference platform, up to OEMs to do their own design

07:39AM EST - Qualcomm 8x26 part

07:39AM EST - Home AT&T SIM and local SIM being used

07:39AM EST - It's a dual SIM

07:39AM EST - Joe is using a Qualcomm reference device

07:38AM EST - Dual Phone Live Tiles

07:38AM EST - Dual-SIM coming to Windows Phone

07:38AM EST - "Support devices at the low end to drive volume to increase app reach"

07:37AM EST - Process improvements, including simple tools and licencing

07:36AM EST - Communications: add full support for TD-LTE and SGLTE

07:36AM EST - Software will support softkeys, camera button optional

07:35AM EST - High volume focus: 4GB storage/512MB RAM + increase SD card usage to come (apps on SD)

07:34AM EST - Snapdragon 200/400/400LTE support

07:34AM EST - Supporting new hardware

07:33AM EST - More info about the update now

07:33AM EST - Enterprise features will be part of the next Windows 8 update in the Spring

07:32AM EST - Checking boxes for enterprise features, such as S/MIME and VPN

07:32AM EST - Enterprise is also a focus

07:31AM EST - "More apps coming from partners over the next few weeks"

07:31AM EST - FB Messenger coming to Windows Phone

07:31AM EST - 440% increase in monthly paid app revenue since launch

07:30AM EST - App numbers: 12 million store transactions per day

07:29AM EST - Windows Phone gets more updates the better it sells - looping ecosystem where sales encourage development (apps/OS) which encourages sales

07:27AM EST - Nokia Lumia 520 was the 3rd best selling smartphone in the UK for December

07:26AM EST - Nokia Lumia 520 does well in cost sensitive markets

07:26AM EST - USA, +9% YoY. Middle East and Africa, +758% YoY

07:25AM EST - "Western Europe", such as Italy. Grown in the UK over 7 consecutive periods

07:24AM EST - 10%+ market share in 6 markets

07:24AM EST - In 2013, 91% year on year growth for Windows Phone

07:23AM EST - Building a 'vertical' experience

07:23AM EST - Volume helps encourage developers

07:22AM EST - Focus on making Windows Phone personal

07:22AM EST - "Windows phone is always evolving"

07:21AM EST - Nokia phones on screen

07:21AM EST - Windows OS now 3rd most popular smartphone OS

07:20AM EST - here's a video with some facts

07:20AM EST - Now, Windows Phone

07:20AM EST - coming with the Spring update

07:19AM EST - IE8 compatibility mode for IE11

07:18AM EST - Enabling more devices: tuned the system for devices that have 1GB RAM, 16GB storage

07:18AM EST - "Our intent is to continue working with our hardware partners to improve user experience"

07:17AM EST - "We love touch - none of this update will degrade the touch experience"

07:17AM EST - Taskbar will appear by scrolling to the bottom

07:16AM EST - Apologies on the photographs, connection isn't the best. Lots of people uploading a lot of photographs on the main WiFi

07:16AM EST - Easy app launching via the taskbar. Regression a bit to Windows 7?

07:15AM EST - Easy app launching via the taskbar. Regression a bit to Windows 7?

07:14AM EST - Power button coming to front of Windows UI

07:14AM EST - Increased flexibility in hardware requirements for Windows

07:13AM EST - Aim is to produce a better UX for non-touch devices

07:13AM EST - New update in Spring for Windows 8.1

07:12AM EST - Users of touch devices that use Windows 8 tend to give higher UX satisfaction scores

07:11AM EST - Windows 8/8.1 has larger market share than all versions of OSX

07:11AM EST - 4 million app downloads per day from Windows Store

07:10AM EST - 40% of Win 8 devices are touch enabled (in the US)

07:10AM EST - 200 million Windows 8 licences sold

07:09AM EST - Now Windows 8.1 ecosystem

07:08AM EST - "Use the knowledge from one device on another"

07:08AM EST - Microsoft is organising the company to build an ecosystem regarding apps and user experience on any form factor

07:08AM EST - Joe manages the Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop area

07:07AM EST - The design approach is to acknowledge places where there is commonality or device specific focus

07:06AM EST - Another connecting element between devices is the cloud

07:06AM EST - "Many parts of Windows need device specific needs"

07:04AM EST - When updates apply to the kernel, all devices benefit

07:04AM EST - from smartphone through PC and Xbox One

07:04AM EST - All the devices share a common Windows kernel

07:03AM EST - Spectrum of devices for the OS - smartphone through TV/Gaming

07:03AM EST - First, orientation on evolving Windows, then Windows 8.1 and devices, and Windows phone

07:02AM EST - Joe Belfiore on stage, VP Operating Systems

07:02AM EST - Joe Belfiore on stage, VP Operating Systems

07:00AM EST - Ian is on the text, Brian is on the camera.

06:59AM EST - "Programme will start in 5 minutes". Event is pretty much full, many cameras

06:54AM EST - Welcome to our Microsoft Press Event Live Blog! We're all seated and ready to go on the hour.

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  • mdonatas - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    Live blog experience is horrible for anything but reading at the top.
    Even now while writing this comment I had to scroll down a number of times - comment box keeps going down as new content comes at the top! (facepalm).
    When trying to catch up with real time posts the content would constantly scroll forcing me to loose track of what I was reading :/

    Please try these basic scenarios yourself as this is unacceptable.
  • evonitzer - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    There have been several iterations of the liveblog, and this was considered the best. Auto-refresh is nice (although you seem to disagree) and current at the top is also good (which you dislike). What would you prefer?

    There generally aren't a lot of comments on the liveblogs. It's just an information dump you follow along with.
  • lmcd - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    I'd suggest top is first post, scrolling down, with a button at the top to "jump to live" to bring the page to the bottom and auto-refresh, and a button to "pause updates" moving along with the new posts and staying in view (locked visible position).
  • lmcd - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    I'd really appreciate it if the method I'm suggesting is attempted -- I think it could easily take over as de-facto.
  • extide - Monday, February 24, 2014 - link

    I like lmcd's idea too. Do that!
  • DanNeely - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    Auto-refresh and post to the top are fine are probably the best way to go; but they need to add auto-scroll down if you're not at the top.
  • feeblegoat - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    I always read them after said event is over. That way I get it all at once; I realize it defeats the purpose but I like the news, even if it's not in the greatest form factor.

    Also, one guy asked, "What if Nokia made a Windows Phone?"
    Uhhh... Hrmmm... Like a full windows 8.1 phone (awesome)? Or like he's very oblivious?
    Or was it misspoken? Maybe a typo? Any guesses anyone?
  • Ian Cutress - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    Ah, that was my typo. He said 'What if Nokia made an Android Phone' iirc
  • solarisking - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    I think newest at the top with constant refresh is the best. It also seems to be the de facto standard for live blogs.

    Anyway, why on God's green earth is Microsoft (or anybody) holding a live event on a friggin Sunday?????
  • DanNeely - Sunday, February 23, 2014 - link

    trying to beat the crush when MWC kicks off in earnest tomorrow I'd bet.

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