04:48PM EST - And that's a wrap. A lot of this is clearly raw, but there's definitely promise. We'll see if we can go hands on....

04:48PM EST - "We've finally removed the 'fiction' from 'science fiction' with RealSense Technology."

04:47PM EST - I can't spell the name of the software.

04:46PM EST - The winner was Shikumi Designs music... um... thing.

04:45PM EST - Started a competition for developers to come up with the most compelling uses of the 3D camera.

04:45PM EST - "Working with all the ecosystem."

04:45PM EST - Reiterating the need to work with partners -- this isn't something Intel can do on their own.

04:44PM EST - You can also show a page to the camera and it will recognize where you are.

04:43PM EST - With voice recognition, the program can tell what page of the book you're on.

04:43PM EST - Now showing book interaction -- kids are often more interested in the illustrations than the text.

04:42PM EST - Mooly blurts out the answer for the girl. LOL

04:42PM EST - Scholastic developed application to help with learning the alphabet.

04:42PM EST - Moving on to Clifford the Big Red Dog.

04:41PM EST - Interacting with a "farm" using hands and objects.

04:41PM EST - Time to bring out the adorable kids.

04:39PM EST - Final demo topic: Learning and Edutainment

04:39PM EST - Jetpack Mike next, showing flying with hand motions.

04:38PM EST - Okay, now playing pinball type of game with a special "controller" (sheet of cardboard).

04:37PM EST - Fails again at protecting the characters from the dragon.

04:36PM EST - Not working too well on the tracking.

04:36PM EST - Hoplites game demo (see Brian's picture)

04:35PM EST - Gaming and Play demo.

04:35PM EST - "Hey Dragon. Play some Elvis." [Here you go.] (Launches iTunes or Spotify.)

04:34PM EST - "Hey Dragon." [Beep] "Find a good hummus restaurant." [Shows Yelp results.]

04:34PM EST - Try again: "Watch an episode of Family Guy." [How about these.]

04:34PM EST - "Watch an episode of Family Guy." [I'm not sure what I should do with that.]

04:34PM EST - "Hey Dragon." [Beep]

04:33PM EST - Dragon Assistant demonstration. (Sweet -- speech and voice recognition demo.)

04:33PM EST - Problem is that you keep looking away from the screen while doing this.

04:32PM EST - Giving a Google Earth demonstration. Where she looks the image will track and move the content.

04:32PM EST - Now showing tracking of facial features.

04:31PM EST - It's like a touchscreen taken to the next level -- and it doesn't leave fingerprints.

04:31PM EST - It's like Xbox Kinnect interface only... well, I'm not sure it's worse, but it's not quite natural looking right now.

04:30PM EST - Pinch to grab and scroll screen, wave to go back, etc.

04:30PM EST - Using gestures to interact with Windows 8 UI.

04:29PM EST - Next up: Interact Naturally

04:28PM EST - Example of video blogging being difficult and requiring green screens, editing, etc. Now it's real-time (but still lacking quality in demo).

04:27PM EST - Can be used to hide backgrounds on calls or simply remove them.

04:27PM EST - Clear issues with border detection due to fidelity of 3D resolution.

04:26PM EST - Has a demo showing woman (at left of stage) superimposed on different backgrounds.

04:26PM EST - Working with Microsoft and Skype to enhance video calls.

04:25PM EST - Next demo: Immersive Collaboration/Creation

04:24PM EST - Taking virtual to actual with 3D printing.

04:24PM EST - In order to print in 3D, you need the content.

04:24PM EST - Question is not "if" we will have a 3D printer in every home, but "which room will it reside in".

04:23PM EST - Avi Reichentaal (sp?) takes the stage.

04:23PM EST - Announcing strategic collaboration and partnership with 3DSystems.

04:22PM EST - This can be done real-time as well as with post-processing. Some cool effects.

04:21PM EST - Dynamically changing the object filters for different depth objects.

04:21PM EST - Capturing Craig holding a small monkey doll, in real-time.

04:20PM EST - They will show how this is done at a presentation later tonight.

04:20PM EST - Mooly has a 3D view of his head/bust captured a few hours ago, and it can be done real-time.

04:19PM EST - Capture and share demo....

04:18PM EST - Upcoming demos will show discrete 3D cameras and the new embedded 3D camera.

04:17PM EST - However, the camera (hardware) is not enough. "What can I do with it?"

04:17PM EST - http://intel.com/RealSense

04:17PM EST - Intel RealSense: introducing the new brain for perceptual computing.

04:16PM EST - Thin enough to fit in the top panel of a laptop.

04:15PM EST - All the systems on the stage have the embedded camera in them.

04:15PM EST - Module is about as thick as two quarters.

04:15PM EST - Mooly is holding a sample 3D embedded camera -- "thinner than a Vegas poker chip."

04:13PM EST - Eventual move is to embedded 3D cameras.

04:13PM EST - How do we drive this change? The same way we worked with 2D cameras.

04:13PM EST - The whole world will transition to 3D the minute we can provide it.

04:12PM EST - Now the challenge is to do this for humans with an IQ of 100.

04:12PM EST - Frog with an IQ of 10, this was brilliant -- natural, intuitive, and immersive.

04:11PM EST - Video clip (from 18 months ago). Shows toad "eating" bugs on a smartphone screen.

04:10PM EST - NII: Natural, Intuitive, Immersive.

04:10PM EST - Immersive -- blur the borders between the real world and the virtual world.

04:10PM EST - Intuitive -- needs to be simply and user friendly.

04:10PM EST - Touch is nice, but when we can get voice to a better state it will be more natural.

04:09PM EST - When we communicate with each other, we don't touch each other all the time.

04:09PM EST - Why does voice have a brighter future? Because touch is not natural.

04:09PM EST - Voice is more important than touch.

04:09PM EST - Three items: Natural interfaces (multi-modality using multiple senses).

04:08PM EST - Add "senses" to the "brain" -- eyes, ears, voice, touch, emotion, and context for a natural, intuitive, and immersive life-life experience.

04:07PM EST - How will we define the next big thing?

04:07PM EST - Interfaces haven't improved nearly as much: DOS to GUI to touch.

04:07PM EST - Comparing performance, we have improved 3.5 million times over the past 45 years.

04:06PM EST - CPUs have less connectivity but higher clocks. "We are narrowing the gap."

04:05PM EST - 100 billion neurons in the brain running at 1000 Hz.

04:05PM EST - 1.7 billion transistors at 3GHz in 4th Gen Core processors.

04:05PM EST - 2300 transistors and 740KHz for Intel 4004 processor.

04:04PM EST - Basic comparison of transistors and neurons.

04:04PM EST - With computers, most of the processing power is used for calculations.

04:04PM EST - Look at the human brain -- most of our processing power is for our senses.

04:04PM EST - Why cover this? We are on the verge of a major revolution.

04:03PM EST - Moore's Law predicted exponential increase in power but also exponential decrease in cost.

04:03PM EST - Invention of transistors, invention of integrated circuit, and Moore's Law.

04:03PM EST - What enabled this revolution?

04:02PM EST - Plantable devices (implantable).

04:02PM EST - 24/7 connectivity, inter-device connectivity, carrying computing on our bodies.

04:02PM EST - This is the past and the present. What does the future hold for us?

04:01PM EST - Big focus on user experience today.

04:01PM EST - Covering compute history -- from ENIAC to PCs to laptops, etc.

04:00PM EST - We are surrounded by computing -- cars, phones, PCs, tablets, toys, gadgets...

04:00PM EST - "From science fiction to reality"

04:00PM EST - Mooly Eden is on the stage now.

03:59PM EST - Video intro: we used to type, then we clicked, now we touch.

03:58PM EST - Jarred is online now. Hooray. XPS 15 didn't like Brian's USB tethering apparently at Qualcomm.

03:56PM EST - I'm guessing the black strips mounted on the top of all these notebooks are the RealSense 3D camera

03:53PM EST - I guess we're going to hear about an integrated 2D and 3D camera from Intel called RealSense

03:52PM EST - Much bigger room than Qualcomm's, which was packed, definitely more space here

03:49PM EST - Well here we go, me (Brian) again on text and video, Jarred on text assuming the laptop doesn't BSOD again

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  • blanarahul - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    You guys must be going nuts. One liveblog after another.
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    The good news (or bad, perhaps) is that I'm online this time. Yay!
  • dylan522p - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    Atleast the BSOD was during a keynote that was not important. It would have sucked if it was during a keynote where the companies announced products.
  • Brian Klug - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    And the day isn't over yet... :)

  • wbensky - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    Any foresight on what you think Samsung has in store later?
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    They can't just say that the brain runs at a 1 kHz...
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    There's another presentation later on in the day, correct?
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  • klmx - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    Well, the Intel page does says this one is called "computing is everywhere" (guessing mobile?), and there's another one called CES 2014 at 6.30pm pacific. Kind of confusing because the other presentation is mentioned nowhere else..

  • wbensky - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    Error when I click the link?

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