Wrapping up our Lenovo postings (for now), we conclude with something I didn’t realize was practical: a matte touchscreen AIO system, the ThinkCentre M92z. Normally, I would think that long-term the "rough" coating would show some wear and that would create problems, but Lenovo says they've used some special etched glass that's resistant to wear as well as fingerprints.

I snapped an oblique angle shot of the display just to show how "invisible" the fingerprints are, and I was quite impressed (I had just rubbed my fingers all over the display before snapping this shot). I'm not sure how long it will take to see this sort of touchscreen in other devices, but for those that despise gloss it's a welcome option for the future. Consider the alternative, shown in the third image (which is not the anti-glare M92z).

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  • Conficio - Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - link

    While the coating is certainly interesting, the overall design of these All In One screens look awful. for a touch screen, I don't want this feeling, of depth to the surface that I need to touch. The bezel should be level with the surface.

    Think of any of the edge gestures for Windows 8 and how awkward tehy must feel on this screen.

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