As a journalist and an editor that in any given year travels around the world to attend events, having the best device that helps me write news and generate content is always on my mind. Having a device with more battery life, or more performance, or can deal with dodgy Wi-Fi connections, or can process photos and video while having a good display at a nice price are all factors. Weight is also an important one, as it gets lugged around for 12+ hours a day, and I don’t want to be carrying around too many dongles for everything. The new XMG DJ 15 might be a contender for one of the best devices to do this with.

The XMG DJ 15 is a 15-inch notebook that is designed to be light but also has an array of connectivity unlike any other notebooks I’ve seen in this segment. Despite the size, there is no discrete graphics card in this design, saving space and also allowing the cooling system to be reduced from a typical gaming notebook. This keeps it thin, measuring only 19.9mm at its tallest point, but the use of aluminium keeps it light, weighing in at only 1.6 kg.

For connectivity, the unit has two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a Thunderbolt 3/Type-C with 60W fast charging, a full-sized HDMI port, a mini-DisplayPort, an SD card reader, a gigabit Ethernet port (!), two 3.5mm jacks for headphone/microphone, and a USB 2.0 Type-A port for legacy.

Inside is an Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake processor, with the base specification using the Core i5-10210U, 16 GB of DDR4-2666 memory, and a 1 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe storage drive, all for a pre-tax price 1052 Euro / $1237. The memory is SO-DIMM and the storage is M.2, making both upgradeable. 

That also gets Wi-Fi 5, the 15.6-inch 1920x1080 IPS thin-bezel display, a HD webcam, a backlit keyboard with number pad, a Microsoft Precision Touchpad with a fingerprint sensor, and a 54.4 Wh battery. Moving up to Wi-Fi 6 is another $5.

This device isn’t so much aimed at workers, but DJs. XMG claims the unit is built with components that minimise DPC latency, even when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled. It is pre-tested with all the major DJ software, such as Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox and Virtual DJ. This makes it suitable even for simple DAW projects. It will ship with an optimized installation of Windows 10 Pro, and XMG quotes a maximum DPC Latency of a millisecond. XMG will also work with DJs that have custom needs and offers a bespoke service for those that might need additional features.

The XMG DJ 15 will be available in a traditional silver color or a more striking red design. Even in the base configuration, that price seems great for a workhorse machine on the road, and hopefully the display quality is decent. The version I’d be interested in, with the i7-10510U, Wi-Fi 6, and 32 GB of memory, runs at €1,337 (incl. tax). That can’t be a coincidence.

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  • Spunjji - Friday, October 2, 2020 - link

    The latency would definitely be a factor for those devices, too.
  • nerd1 - Thursday, October 1, 2020 - link

    "has an array of connectivity unlike any other notebooks I’ve seen in this segment"

    Literally EVERY laptop out there (except for Macbook and XPS series maybe) has a bunch of ports.
  • Srikzquest - Thursday, October 1, 2020 - link

    The only ones I can think of with good selection of ports are the Razer Blade 15 (and probably few more gaming ones) and ThinkPad line. The high end Dell, HP, Surface and Mac ones don't have huge port selection. Probably I am asking too much but my personal preference would be a port selection of a SD Card slot, at least one USB Type A, at least one Type C (Thunderbolt would be great) and one HDMI. All with the latest spec. of course :)
  • Rookierookie - Saturday, October 3, 2020 - link

    Gigabyte laptops have great ports, but not quite as specialized as this one.
  • Spunjji - Friday, October 2, 2020 - link

    "a bunch of ports" is not really the same as the specific connectivity available on this device, though - let alone one that's as portable as this one is.

    If you move the goalposts around enough you can make any statement look silly.
  • Icehawk - Friday, October 2, 2020 - link

    Ethernet is rare. Wish I could order up my corporate devices with this array of ports although I’d prefer full size DP if possible. No adapters ftw
  • pixelstuff - Thursday, October 1, 2020 - link

    Need to do a side by side comparison with a similarly equipped Acer Aspire 7.
  • Lord of the Bored - Thursday, October 1, 2020 - link

    I'm actually surprised no one's complained about that big ol' barrel connector on the back-left corner.
    It is a thing of beauty.
  • ajp_anton - Friday, October 2, 2020 - link

    Why would anyone complain about it? It's better to have options. It can still be powered by USB-C, so if you don't want to use the barrel connector, you don't have to.
  • DanNeely - Friday, October 2, 2020 - link

    Can it? I thought USB-C charging ports were supposed to put the USB rat-tail in a battery icon if they support charging. This one's C doesn't do that.

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