Although we have 16ms panels from LG.Philips, AUOptronics and Samsung, we still lack a low response time 19" LCD. Today, we are happy to take a look at the first 16ms LCD from Sharp Systems - a milestone in 19" LCD technology.

Sharp is not a new player to the display sector. They were one of the pioneering LCD production houses in the world when LCD monitor technology began to take off. Even though their focus has oriented more towards LCD TV and 26" or larger LCDs, the Sharp Systems of America division continues to bring more and more LCDs into the consumer range.

We have high expectations for this LCD. From emails and forum posts, we constantly are asked when we will see an LCD that is quick enough for very fast-paced response times (specifically for first person shooter type games). Those not familiar with response time may want to catch up on our quick primer here. Will the Sharp LL-191A break into the 19" LCD market the same way the Hitachi CML174 entered the 17" LCD market one year ago? The answers may surprise you.

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  • tfranzese - Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - link

    Very good review. I could not get the two mpegs to work at the end of the review... not sure if this is isolated to just me.

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