The Windows Store is Microsoft’s big bet, combining software purchases, updates, and installs into a single place. Although it continues to grow, it still doesn’t offer anywhere near the number of big name apps as iOS or Android. Windows still has a massive library of applications, or course, but they are bought, installed, and updated outside of the store.

Clearly one of the ideas is that Microsoft will take a cut on any app sales in the store, so there is motivation for them to make this succeed, but for the end users, it’s been well proven that a solid Store model works for ease of use, and especially updates.

Recently (and possibly today) Adobe Photoshop Elements came to the Windows Store, as pointed out by Paul Thurrott and Windows Central. This is an important app for the Windows Store, where previously only a much lighter version called Adobe Photoshop Express was available. Elements is not the crown jewels of Adobe’s suite, but it’s still an app that many people use.

Although we don’t have official confirmation of this, Adobe Photoshop Elements is almost certainly using Microsoft’s Desktop App Bridge, codenamed Project Centennial. Update 2016-11-28: Microsoft has confirmed this is using Project Centennial. This bridge allows developers to bring older Win32 apps to the Windows Store, and if they so choose, begin to convert them to the Universal Windows Platform. Although Centennial was announced quite a while ago, it wasn’t until the Windows Anniversary Update that Windows had all of the frameworks required. Photoshop Elements certainly isn’t the first Desktop Bridge app to make it to the store, but it’s surely one of the biggest.

By offering this through the Store, end users get the benefits of the store. The app is automatically updated through the store, so you won’t need any Adobe update services running on your PC, and best of all it can be installed on up to ten devices, rather than the two activations that you would get if you purchased this as a traditional software download.

Centennial also packages the app into a container, so the install process is incredibly quick. Elements doesn’t need to install for thirty minutes as it writes files all over your PC, and in your registry. Everything is kept in the container, which also makes uninstall very simple and much cleaner. I just installed Elements, and after the download was complete, it installed in just a few seconds.

With the launch, the software is also on sale for a limited time.

If the Windows Store is going to take off in a meaningful way, apps like these are going to be an important first step. With Windows 10 on over 400,000,000 devices now, there is an incentive for developers to leverage tools like the Desktop App Bridge to utilize the store. For me, the Store model has enough benefits that I would prefer to purchase an app like this through it. It’s worked before on the PC with stores like Steam and Origin as well, and by bringing big name Win32 apps to the store, Microsoft has an important tool to bring existing devs into their new platform.

Source: Windows Central,

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  • ddriver - Monday, November 28, 2016 - link

    I am sure a model AT reader would be kissing the ground under M$ feet, same as for any other big lousy corporation. Then there are people with high standards and expectations who do not settle for the mediocrity of consumerism.

    Using pejorative terms is a common element of speech to express contempt or disapproval. It is cr@p and they are greedy b-holes, so my terminology is very much appropriate. Also, if you think those are the most prominent elements that make up my point, then you are completely clueless regarding the substance of my post, and are now nitpicking over trivialities because you don't have anything more substantial to say.
  • eddman - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    They are not "prominent" but they do severely degrade your comments. You can write criticism without using jargon that fanboys use.

    Such terms are only common in forums and comment sections. No professional tech website, even those most critical of MS, would ever use them.

    I have a problem with a lot of things that MS does, but I don't let my personal feelings take over to such an extent. That's not how a rational person should act.

    The same applies if the criticism is aimed towards google, apple, etc.
  • ddriver - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    This is not a professional technology website LOL. It's main audience is clueless wannabes who have no cheaper way of considering themselves smart than to visit here.

    Are you by any chance a fascist? Who says your way is best and everyone has to do it the same way? While we are at it, let's not use any sarcasm, irony or cynicism, and lets all sound like sheep on prozac while we are at it. Because freedom and diversity of expression is not important, what's important is to show obedience and respect for the greedy corporations who have set humanity back by decades in their sick aspirations to pile money.

    Sorry, but I don't think I can be convinced to settle for that by words, many have tried in far more eloquent ways than yours, and if you have such a big problem with it, the only thing you can do is come and make me ;) Those who deserve disrespect must be treated with such, if you don't, you are disrespecting yourself, and if you don't mind that, you are no better than cattle.
  • eddman - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    I was completely polite towards you in my comments and yet you disrespect me for some reason. Fascist? Cattle?

    Writing words like M$, cr@pple, etc. is not sarcasm, irony or cynicism. It's just childish.

    You obviously know your stuff and I agree with most of what you wrote up there in regard to windows and linux but it seems you also like to be disrespectful for some reason.

    As for corporations, it's capitalism at work. They ALL can and will do things given the chance. Yes, no one should completely surrender to capitalism, by being a smart consumer and also pointing out its flaws, but there is also no need to be so hostile.

    No, I don't want to convince or make you. I was just suggesting that a person can be of a higher standard. If you don't want to, then keep at it. It's your thing but don't expect others to like it.

    I don't know how capitalism can "deserve disrespect". It's not a person with feelings. It's an economic system. If people had a better system, they would've used that instead.
  • ddriver - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    The thing is that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is intrinsically good or bad. What really matters is how it is used. Everything can be used, and can be misused. You can use a gun to murder somebody for his shoes, you can use a gun to protect your family from a getting murdered for their shoes. You can use a spoon to eat your soup, you can use a spoon to scoop somebody's eyes out. You hopefully get the point.

    Apparently, you believe that pejorative forms of corporate monikers are always bad and childish. However, there is a good reason for you to believe that, because it enables you a cheap and easy way to feel superior - if using pejorative is always childish and bad, all you have to do is not use it and condemn it, and voila - you are better for it, or at least that's what you believe, which is good enough for you believers. And it is that belief of yours, and that necessity it satisfies, which prevent you from detecting a very much appropriate usage for M$ and cr@pple. It really boils down to the contexts. Is it a mere `cr@pple is FOS (and I don't mean free and open source)`, or is it `cr@pple is blah blah blah - a bunch of actual and well substantiated point making`.

    As for the " If people had a better system, they would've used that instead" part, assume all you have is a bowl of urine and a bowl of excrement. And you had to ingest one of the two on a daily basis. Let's assume you'd go for the urine, because you have nothing better to ingest instead. Would you be glad and grateful for it? Would you throw superlatives and express admiration for the urine, or even show it respect? I don't think so.

    Because see, it is not really a case of "better" as in "objectively better", it is a case of "better" as in "less bad" but still very much in the negative axis. And even if urine is less bad than excrement, that doesn't really make it good. It is what it is, but you don't have to like it, much less respect it, because respect cannot be granted, bought, or bestowed upon, it can only be earned. And when what's earned is the full opposite of respect, it is your responsibility to give it what its worth just as it would be to show respect to that, which is worthy of it.
  • ddriver - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    Lets for a moment imagine a "better world", a world in which all people are as childish and silly as me, and fed up with Apple they all start referring to it as cr@pple. Would they still be in the position to be cr@ppy? Or will that either make them change their ways for the better or at least destroy them?

    You are offended by, or at the very least seem to have a problem with "cattle" and "fascist", however, I don't think that would have been the case if it didn't really apply to you. And I don't use those terms to offend anyone, but to indicate to all those who feel offended that then have a flaw they can work on and thus get better.

    It is not much different with mocking corporations. As long as people bow to corporations, they will have things their way, they will never listen to what people actually want, instead they will dummify people to dictate them that they actually want products which are less for their own use than they are for them to be used by corporations.

    You say it is childish and silly, I say it is my moral duty to call things as they really are. I also say by not doing so, you are betraying your own species to its degradation. If you show respect and obedience to your milker, you are indeed cattle. And you having a problem with those who are not is just you being exemplary cattle, trying to call back the "strays" into the herd. So pardon me if I don't conform to your narrow worldview :)
  • ddriver - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    The fact that you are comparing what I do to a fanboy actually speaks very bad of you. In reality, you are much, much closer to a fanboy than I am. In fact, I am the full opposite of it, while you are effectively a lesser form of it.

    What makes a fanboy is not the world that he uses, but what he does through it. What does a fanboy do? He is being a FAN. Of a corporation. He may mock corporations A, but only out of a sense of indebted obligation to corporation B, which happens to be a competitor to A. The only difference between you and a fanboy is that with you the obligation is directed equally to all corporations, while with a fanboy it will be concentrated in a very specific direction. That could result in an artifact that the fanboy will mock one company, but it will be mocking it for the wrong reasons.

    I don't mock M$ because of sense of indebted obligation to cr@pple, and I don't mock cr@pple because of sense of indebted obligation to M$. I mock them because that's what they deserve. I am merely calling things as they are, something that is very important, and unfortunately very rare these days, to a serious detriment to society as a whole.

    I actually expect you to have much more of a problem with me than with even the most obnoxious and silly fanboy, because a fanboy is a lot like you, only more broken, so it doesn't bring the kind of discord to the cattle mentality as dissidents like me do, who make concrete points and state facts which even if you consciously deny trouble you subconsciously nonetheless. And again, I don't aim to insult you, just to motivate you to overcome this, although I won't be holding my breath... Good luck!
  • eddman - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    ... becasue writing M$ and cr@pple in internet's echo chambers have an effect on corporations and capitalism.

    All they do is to make their users look silly and childish.

    Feel free to offend me more. It seems it is you that likes to feel superior over a person with a "narrow worldview". I was thought to be polite and respect others. I suppose that makes me inferior to you.
  • eddman - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link


    It seems I'm failing in my third language.
  • ddriver - Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - link

    You seem to be failing at simple logic and common sense, much more worrisome than failing in your "third language". Are you sure it ain't your fifth? As if your insecurities needed more showcasing LOL, also, sounding silly to silly people ain't no problem for me, it would be far worse if I didn't, it would mean I am in the same bag you are in :D

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