Seemingly intent on proving that everything in a PC should in fact be liquid cooled, Thermaltake this week has expanded its WaterRAM lineup of water-cooled RAM with DDR4-3600 kits. Available as a 32 GB dual-channel/quad-channel kit, Thermaltake’s WaterRAM DDR4-3600 (CL-W262-CA00SW) feature CL18 19-19-36 timings and 1.35 V operating voltage. The modules are based on tightly-screened SK Hynix’s C-die memory chips, a 10-layer PCB, and feature XMP 2.0 profiles for easier overclocking. The key selling feature of Thermaltake’s WaterRAM DDR4-3600 kit is its cooling system. It includes 2-mm thick aluminum heatsinks on the modules as well as a copper nickel-plated water block with a PMMA cover that is installed on top of the DIMMs. The water block is equipped with G ¼ fittings compatible with the...

CES 2019: Thermaltake Unveils Its WaterRAM RGB Liquid Cooled DDR4-3200 Memory

At CES 2019 Thermaltake officially entered the memory market with two new kits of DDR4 3200 RAM which not only include integrated water blocks but also includes 16.8 million...

13 by Gavin Bonshor on 1/9/2019

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