vPro Essentials

As part of this week's MWC 2024 conference, Intel is announcing that it is adding support for its vPro security technologies to select 14th Generation Core series processors (Raptor Lake-R) and their latest Meteor Lake-based Core Ultra-H and U series mobile processors. As we've seen from more launches than we care to count of Intel's desktop and mobile platforms, they typically roll out their vPro platforms sometime after they've released their full stack of processors, including overclockable K series SKUs and lower-powered T series SKUs, and this year is no exception. Altogether, Intel is announcing vPro Essential and vPro Enterprise support for several 14th Gen Core series SKUs and Intel Core Ultra mobile SKUs. Intel's vPro security features is something we've covered previously – and...

Intel Unveils vPro for 13th Gen Core Series: Enhanced Security For Raptor Lake

In a world that has seen various security breaches at several top companies and supposedly secure companies through hackers and exploiters, the onus isn't only on software developers to...

23 by Gavin Bonshor on 3/23/2023

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