Ryzen Embedded 5000

AMD has announced their latest processor line-up designed for embedded-class products, the Ryzen Embedded 5000 series. The latest parts adds to their collection of other Zen 3-based embedded platforms, including the Ryzen Embedded V3000 and EPYC 9004 series. At a high level, the Ryzen Embedded 5000 series is designed to offer a low-powered alternative on its existing AM4 platform for embedded networking solutions such as firewalls and NAS-based systems. While we've previously discussed the proposition that AMD's Ryzen Embedded platforms fly under the radar compared to their other product lines, AMD's Ryzen Embedded platforms offer various SKUs for many 'always on' system deployments. This includes things such as servers, small form factor systems such as retail tills, as well as gaming machines, and industrial control...

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