The Android Market has slowly evolved to become much more than a place for vending Android applications, and today Google announced that it is rebranding the Android Marketplace to the somewhat more service-agnostic Google Play. It's a move that is sure to solicit some heated and perhaps valid opinions, given the solid foundation and mindshare that Google has carved out with the Android Marketplace brand to date. The rebranding also comes alongside a new logo, new URL ( and an update to the Android vending (market) APK in the coming days. Google has been trying for some time to emphasize that Android Market is more than just Apps, as the store now is the first party repository for Apps, eBooks, Music, and Video, and...

Android Market App size raised to 4GB from 50MB

If you've tried any of the bigger, beefier Android games, chances are good you likely have come across an initial asset preload method which goes something like this: The...

9 by Brian Klug on 3/5/2012

Google's Android Event Analysis

Today's Android event had just one real announcement; the Android Marketplace webstore (which is Live at The rest of it was just a Honeycomb/Motorola Xoom show-and-tell, with various...

23 by Mithun Chandrasekhar on 2/2/2011

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