Google’s I/O 2011 keynote may have suffered from a few choice leaks, namely the new Music service and Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, but Google still managed to include some surprises. Android 3.1, the update to Honeycomb, was announced along with a slew of development platforms, including one committed to bringing better introduction of accessories to Android devices of all types, and a home integration platform based on Android. Hugo Barra, Product Mangement Director of Android at Google, led the initial portion raving about Android stats: 100 Million activations with Android 36 OEMs, 215 carriers, 450K developers 310 devices and in 112 countries 400,000 devices activated daily 200,000 available apps in Android Market 4.5 Billion application installs in Android Market Android Platform Updates First up is the update to Honecomb from 3.0 to 3.1...

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