After two jam-packed press conferences this year, the ASUS booth was brimming with visitors all week every time I walked past.  We were given the full tour of the product range, which covered ASUS’ major segments such as motherboards, notebooks, displays, tablets and graphics cards, but also some of the more business end of their product range, such as server products, business solutions and models designed for education.  I picked out the key elements (from several dozen it would seem) to show how much work goes into a single event and a number of product launches.

The ASUS booth this year, as in every year I have come to Computex, is substantially larger than those around it, usually on the scale of an Intel with a similar number of visitors.  The front facing part of the experience starts with all things mobile, such as notebooks and tablets which the public and press can touch and interact with. 

Indeed, many of the press were there, ready to shoot hands-on videos.

In the corner of the booth was the Republic of Gamer’s section, an often popular section perhaps even more so this year with the large number of ROG announcements, such as the G20/GR8 systems, ARES III with waterblock, PB278Q Monitor, Formula/Impact motherboards and GX500 notebook.

Behind the ROG section was the TUF series:

As well as the channel series:

As we cover more server motherboard content here at AnandTech, it was important to get a look at the Server motherboard section:

ASUS also had its new Strix range of graphics cards up on display:

ASUS had a smaller audio presence this year, having had sound rooms in the past to experience the different products on show.  Nevertheless, their new Mosaic Streaming DAC was on display in the Smart Audio section:

The displays section last year, due to the rise of 32” 4K/UHD panels and the launch of Haswell, had two 4K systems being powered from a single Z87 motherboard.  This year was more purely about the displays, including the PB278Q, PA328Q and a 32” curved LED:

More back out to the main booth floor was the Zenbook stand, with last year’s main model, the UX301, on display with the freshly announced NX500.

Also the Chromebook stand:

One of the lesser known elements of ASUS’ consumer selling would appear to be in Digital Video Recorders, such as those used in taxis all over Taipei and in cars to record what happens in front of them.

Some of the less consumer-facing elements of ASUS were also on show, such as their education-focused range:

As well as the business solutions:

Even from these images there are a few choice items we got up close and personal with that deserve a thorough analysis, such as that white TUF motherboard, the new ROG desktops, the Strix range, an M.2 x4 add-in card, details about the Ares III, the six-stream router announced at the press event, what looked like dual processor LGA2011-3 motherboards, the new Zenbook and many others.  Flip through the next few pages to see more.

The TUF Sabranco
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  • lemon1510 - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - link

    Where did you got the specs from? The official ASUS site says "GTX 750 Ti" as GPU while you refer to a 750M which is in a completely different league in terms of performance =S.
  • Ian Cutress - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - link

    You are right, the GR8 is a 750 Ti - that's what I wrote in our original news item when it was announced. Corrected.
  • rocktober13 - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - link

    It would be nice if ASUS initially offered a version of the GR8 without Windows 8 to hit a lower price point. I would rather have a Ubuntu + Steam (with in home streaming) + XMBC combo. More functionality than SteamOS and available now. Also, I hope the included Windows 8 is the Pro version otherwise it's another $100 to add WMC with the basic edition.
  • rocktober13 - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - link

  • CalaverasGrande - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - link

    surprised there are not more UHD and 4k models.
    Not everyone wants a 30" monitor on their desk. I'm hoping to see more 24" UHD or 4K displays. Sure there is the Dell, but I kind of hate how Dells current industrial design looks with those awkward stands.
  • TylerGrunter - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - link

    Wasn´t the MeMO Pad 8 going to be out with the Atom Z3580 and have a FullHD panel?
    From their own press releas:
    I guess there are two models, the ME181C and the ME581CL, but I find terribly confusing that they call them both MeMO Pad 8
  • churchgeek - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - link

    A 10-but display!
  • pandemonium - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - link

    ASUS really is becoming 'the' brand of choice for all of their vested markets.

    Thanks for the coverage!
  • X3ON - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - link

    The ROG GX500 looks pretty interesting,
    The top and bottom shells are made og brushed aluminium, but what about the area around the keyboard? Is it plastic or matte black aluminium?
  • Nadrik23518 - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - link

    Any idea when and if Asus will offer to market a 24 inch monitor with G-sync? Why is Asus siting on G-sync? Can they give the buying community a firm date of when they will offer a monitor with G-sync? I have held my next purchase of a gaming monitor for over a year now. If all they are going to do is talk about G-sync and show mock-up monitors without ever coming to market with a product, I will purchase my second choice.

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