When I first met the Galaxy Tab 8.9 in Florida earlier this year I felt like it may be the perfect tablet form factor: small enough to be really portable, while large enough to really be a tablet. Our own Jason Inofuentes is live at Samsung's press event where the company just announced availability of the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab. The new tablet will be available nation-wide starting October 2nd in 16GB and 32GB configurations for $469 and $569, respectively. 

The specs of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 are virtually identical to its bigger brother. You still get a 1280 x 800 PLS display, just in a smaller form factor. NVIDIA powers the tablet, Samsung lists the SoC as a dual-core T250S, presumably running at the same clocks as the Tegra 2 in the 10.1. 

The weight also drops a bit to 447g. The 8.9 features two cameras (2MP front facing and 3MP rear facing), is WiFi-only and ships with Android 3.1 with Samsung's TouchWiz UX. Battery capacity is listed at 6100mAh. Jason should be getting our review sample in the next hour, expect a quick preview in the next day followed by our usual in-depth treatment next week!

Samsung 2011 Tablet Comparison
  Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
SoC NVIDIA Tegra 2 (Dual ARM Cortex A9 @ 1GHz) NVIDIA Tegra 2 (Dual ARM Cortex A9 @ 1GHz)
Display 1280 x 800 PLS 1280 x 800 PLS
Dimensions 230.9 x 157.8 x 8.6mm 256.6 x 172.9 x 8.6mm
Weight 447g 565g
Price $469 $499


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  • sprockkets - Monday, September 26, 2011 - link

    $99, and it's a POS. Not sure why you expect a high quality tablet to somehow be $99. Show me a netbook too that has a HQ screen and build quality for $500 too.

  • coder543 - Monday, September 26, 2011 - link

    I long to see your $99 tablet that has a 1280x800 screen and isn't a piece of junk. The only reason ANY halfway decent $99 tablet has been seen is because HP is remarkably dumb and ousted their great tablet. They were just recouping losses as best they could at $99... the tablets themselves cost much more than that to make, because they were quality.
  • pcgeek101 - Monday, September 26, 2011 - link

    @lurker22: Agreed -- the price is way too high for the unrefined Honeycomb OS and lack of tablet apps. Manufacturers need to get serious about price drops. I only got a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 because I got a really reasonable price on it. I refuse to pay full price, and wish others would do the same.
  • wpwoodjr - Monday, September 26, 2011 - link

    However I hope you will finish the Droid Bionic review first before reviewing this in depth. :-)
  • PatrickFromSC - Monday, September 26, 2011 - link

    That's 9" x 6.2". I measure my cargo pocket to be 8" x 7". I need a high quality tablet that'll fit there.
  • MadMan007 - Monday, September 26, 2011 - link

    Get a bigger cargo pocket. Voila!
  • steven75 - Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - link

    this doesn't fix the main problem with Android tablets in that there are basically no Android Tablet apps?

    And they're going to price it against iPad with it's 100,000+ apps and iOS 5 in 2 weeks? Ok then...
  • techiecop - Friday, September 30, 2011 - link

    whats the difference only weight & price that too 30$ difference..i doubt who's gonna buy this..

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