For everyone who has been eagerly waiting for the first laptops incorporating AMD’s monolithic Zen 4 mobile CPU, AMD sends word on a Friday afternoon that you’ll be waiting a little longer. Laptops based on AMD’s Ryzen Mobile 7040HS series CPUs have officially been delayed by a month, pushing their expected availability from March to April.

First detailed during AMD’s CES 2023 keynote, the Ryzen Mobile 7040HS series (codename Phoenix) is AMD’s first mobile-focused, monolithic die CPUs based on the Zen 4 architecture, and will be their flagship silicon for mobile devices for 2023. Besides incorporating AMD’s latest CPU architecture, Phoenix also adds into the mix an updated RDNA3 architecture iGPU, and for the first time in any AMD CPU, a dedicated AI processing block, which AMD has aptly named the Ryzen AI. All of which, in turn, is fabbed using TSMC’s 4nm process – making it the single most advanced piece of silicon out of AMD yet.

At the time of its announcement, laptops based on Phoenix were expected in March of this year (i.e. this month). However AMD has sent over a brief announcement on a sleepy Friday afternoon stating that devices based on the new chips have been pushed back a month, to April, citing “platform readiness.” AMD’s complete announcement is below:

To align with platform readiness and ensure the best possible user experience, we now expect our OEM partners to launch the first notebooks powered by Ryzen 7040HS Series processors in April.

Source: AMD PR

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  • mode_13h - Sunday, March 19, 2023 - link

    Temper that excitement. I predict you'll be disappointed.

    AI performance is predicted by 2 things: die size and memory bandwidth. This little XDNA block has neither going in its favor. If it even *can* run large models, they won't be fast.
  • brucethemoose - Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - link

    LLaMA and Stable Diffusion inference (for instance) are getting really fast on "weak" hardware. The limiting factor is really the RAM pool.

    Finetuning is another story, and you just want a huge Nvidia GPU for that. Or maybe Intel/AMD some day.
  • eastcoast_pete - Sunday, March 19, 2023 - link

    Too bad! I am in the market for a light 14" or 15" notebook for the last several months, and have held off buying one as a Phoenix-based system with 32 GB RAM would check off most of the boxes. I hope that the announced Phoenix notebooks will now really be available next month, my old light notebook is approaching EOL (keyboard, battery doesn't hold it's charge as well anymore...), and it's getting annoying to work with.
    I also hope that AMD and OEMs aren't holding off on moving Phoenix into the market because they're sitting on many 6000 APU-based notebooks they want to sell off first. I'm not interested in one of those, and have my reasons why not.
  • mode_13h - Sunday, March 19, 2023 - link

    > I also hope that AMD and OEMs aren't holding off on moving Phoenix into the market
    > because they're sitting on many 6000 APU-based notebooks they want to sell off first.

    Yeah, I also had that thought.

    AMD: "Uh, OEMs... we're going to need to delay the launch by a couple weeks..."

    OEMs: "Cool. How about delaying by a couple months, instead?"
  • max - Monday, March 20, 2023 - link

    Are there any reasons why you don't buy M1/M2 MacBook Air?
  • TheinsanegamerN - Monday, March 20, 2023 - link

    Presumably because he runs Windows, and said software is not on Mac.

    Most people dont like switching entire ecosystems just for a CPU.
  • max - Monday, March 20, 2023 - link

    Yeah. I can presume that, but I'm just curious. I haven't noticed where he said that soft is not on MacOS. Let him answer if he wants.

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